Att (Rooms & Apartments for independent travelers)

We’re building our own dream stay. Collectively, we’ve stayed thousands of nights in all types of places all over the world. We’ve been excited, dazzled, puzzled, let down and fallen in love on our journeys. Att represents our gut feeling on what we’d want ourselves.

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Att is a purveyor of fine rooms and apartments, and represents a new way to stay. We offer a fully digital, seamless and customizable guest experience, tuned to the pulse of the neighbourhood.

We’ve remodelled the business idea itself and adjusted to the requirements of a modern stay, allowing us to concentrate more on the quality of our offerings. All our rooms and apartments are high end and tailored to the inde

pendent traveller. We can’t wait to show you more.

Any hotel claim to be a good place to start your urban adventures. So do we, and here’s why. We’ve made sure our “first floors” – common areas – are filled with local restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders offering relevant experiences that matter. Their success is measured in community engagement rather than guests’ spending ratio. We can confidently say that we’re not just an ideal starting point for your urban adventure, but a worthy destination in our own right.

Ultimately, the reason we’re challenging the traditional idea of hotels is to leave you with memories. The very product of travelling. It’s always those unpredictable, fleeting seconds that stay with us. That sight, that smell, that feeling. These can’t be reproduced, promised or streamlined. We’ve merely created an ideal opportunity for authentic memories to be made.

That’s Att.


Att Revier (Kongens gate 5)

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Emil Neumann Tingulstad

Daglig leder / Co-grunnlegger ORO Living +47 484 04 480